Katie did an awesome job in advising us and planning our trip to the Disney Theme Parks in March 2019.
Having never been there before, I had tons questions before we left, and she knew all the answers, and was available and eager to connect, each time I had reached out to her. She checked in on us too several times during the process as well, to confirm on key dates and deadlines.

I can’t say enough about her organizational and communication skills – but even beyond that, was her enthusiasm for all things Disney. It was infectious, and got us so excited anticipating the trip.

While we were there in Orlando, our plans went off without a hitch, we had an itinerary she had created for the start of each day that was super helpful – it included our fast pass ride times, and tips, comments, Park hours and extra magic hours – we carried this with us everywhere.

It was a memorable and enjoyable family vacation, and I don’t know if we would have had as much fun – and felt as stress-free – had it not been for Katie’s help.